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Email Maintenance – How to clean up your inbox

Email Maintenance - Cleaning your inbox

While it’s often put off, the task of keeping your email accounts clean and tidy is often left until you’re finally running out of storage space.

Generally speaking you should be able to store thousands of emails as part of our hosting but this then gets more complex once we realise many of those emails may have images or very large documents attached.

I’ll provide some useful options to help administer your emails on your hosting account.

Deleting large emails quickly

If you want to easily reclaim server space then an easy way to do this is to sort your email by filesize, then you can quickly delete the largest emails in your inbox, if you no longer need them. This is the quickest way to reclaiming a lot of disk space with the least amount of effort.

1) Login to your hosting control panel
2) Select EMAIL > Email Accounts

3) Select the Check Email button for your chosen email account

4) Choose Roundcube as your preferred webmail application.

Choose Webmail Client

5) Once inside the Roundcube webmail application you can sort email by size

Sort email by size

6) You can select the emails as required and delete them. In this example, a couple of clicks could reclaim 154MB. Continue to repeat the process deleting emails as required.

7) Once you’re finished, be sure to view the Deleted Items folder, Select All and Delete to fully remove the emails from the system.

Automatic tools for email deletion

Within your control panel there are also automated tools which make email management easier. If, for example, you archive your important emails into folders, then you could apply a filter to delete all emails present in your inbox that are over 1 year old.

1) Login to your hosting control panel
2) Select EMAIL > Email Accounts

3) Select the Manage button for your chosen email account

Manage email

4) From the email management page there is an option to Free up Email Storage

Free up email storage

5) You will be presented with all your mailbox folders, both the expected ones (eg Inbox, Sent) and your own custom folders that you’ve created.

Every folder can then be managed. By default there are options to delete mail:

  • 1 year old or more
  • 30MB in size or more
  • Previously viewed
  • All messages


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