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Is your website secure?

Chrome Update

Google’s Chrome browser (version 68) releases today and it brings more prolific warnings to the user that a website is not secure if it’s not served over HTTPS.

Google recommends that every website is served securely over HTTPS and this latest change to their browser, which has a 60% share of the web browser market, means users will be presented with a more obvious warning than previously.

Chrome historically would highlight websites served via HTTP with a grey exclamation mark symbol but once Chrome updates to version 68, due today, all visitors to a website will see the “Not secure” alert.

Google Treatment of HTTP

This change makes it very likely that some visitors, maybe those not savvy with technology, will be unsure if the website is safe and look to use alternatives.

Our clients receive a FREE SSL certificate as part of their hosting package.

All new websites are setup to be served over HTTPS by default. If you have an older website we can enable HTTPS but your website may require some tweaks to fully secure the website. If in any doubt please get in touch.

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