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Tips & updates related to Web Design, Web Hosting and Emedias.

Wordpress + PHP Important Update

IMPORTANT: WordPress 5 launches today + PHP security notice

A major release of WordPress launches today with version 5.0, the biggest change to WordPress for 4 years. Along with the major update to WordPress, PHP (the programming language that powers WordPress) will be ending security support for PHP 5.6…

Website: FitTax

Website: FitTax

I've just re-built the Wordpress website for FitTax which needed a fresh start. From a design point of view the website was already in a good place but we needed to clean up the code behind the scenes. On rebuilding…

Website: Coleman School of Motoring

Website: Coleman School of Motoring

I've just relaunched the website for Coleman School of Motoring, which needed a refresh both visually and to the code behind the scenes. This was a good example of a website which was re-designed and put live in just 3…

Chrome Update

Is your website secure?

Google's Chrome browser (version 68) releases today and it brings more prolific warnings to the user that a website is not secure if it's not served over HTTPS. Google recommends that every website is served securely over HTTPS and this…

Website: Giggling Gecko Adventures

Website: Giggling Gecko Adventures

This project came about over a relaxed chat while I was taking part in one of the excellent tours Giggling Gecko Adventures run on the islands of Cape Verde. A new website was needed which improved the experience for those…

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