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Website: Dog Friendly Norfolk

New website for Dog Friendly Norfolk

This website was a personal project idea that was born off the back of finding it hard to find dog friendly venues in Norwich.

After a dog walk one night in February this year, I found myself locked out. It was getting cold so I thought it best to try and take some warmth from an inviting pub nearby but one which allowed dogs.

Attempting a dog friendly search via Google, I was presented with pages of results spread across local news sites, social media and countless websites. Sadly it made finding the information I needed quite time consuming, as one website may recommend a handful of places, then a local article may promote a few more while some of that detail may be out of date too.

The following weekend I had a great experience at the Bucks Arms in Blickling, who bent over backwards to make our dog happy while we dined with them for a Sunday roast. I felt the urge to promote great places in which you can take your dog along to, so started to consider if I could build a website which could become a superb resource for local (or tourist) dog owners.

I then spent the next four months both creating the website, from a technical point of view, alongside researching and reaching out to many dog friendly venue owners and pulling together in-depth details for each venue. I plan to support this project and help it grow further over the coming years.

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