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Contact Form Spam Protection

Spam Protection for your contact forms

I've always recommended using some form of spam protection on website contact forms but it's now recommended, more than ever, to use Google's free reCAPTCHA service. This week alone I've had three separate clients contact me to say that they've…

Website: Coleman School Of Motoring

Website: Coleman School of Motoring

I've just relaunched the website for Coleman School of Motoring, which needed a refresh both visually and to the code behind the scenes. This was a good example of a website which was re-designed and put live in just 3…

Backup Your Wordpress Website With Backup Buddy

How to backup your WordPress website using Backup Buddy

Some of our clients have the excellent Backup Buddy installed on their WordPress websites, making it easy to action a backup in seconds. This post will point out the basic steps to manually backup your website.

Our clients can backup their site via their hosting control panel but Backup Buddy makes this much easier and it’s accessible from within the WordPress admin area. If we setup your Backup Buddy plugin we will of already setup schedules so Backup Buddy automatically saves backups of your website regularly.

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