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Website Redesign Performance Benefits

Wordpress Redesign Optimisation Benefits

While the Emedias website redesign was important in promoting key services, the performance improvements seen were VERY positive.

Every website designed has a FREE base WordPress performance optimisation included.  Most clients will be happy at the results or in most instances may not even appreciate that this work has been done.

The redesign of the Emedias website allowed more experimental techniques to be applied along with paid for services to be included in the optimisation.

GTmetrix results

Emedias GTMetrix Results

The GTmetrix results were impressive as I’ve never seen a fully loaded timing of under 0.5 seconds, unaware at a certain threshold that GTmetrix measures in milliseconds.  Obviously each performance report depends on varying conditions, so an average timing may be closer to 0.5 or 0.8 seconds.

Important GTmetrix timings…

Time to First Byte (TTFB) = 55ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP) = 269ms

These two timings basically indicate the time taken for the server to respond to the request (TTFB) an then the perceived loading of the website to the user viewing the website (FCP).

Sense checking

It must be mentioned that optimising your WordPress site often requires a judgement call on how the actions of certain optimisation changes may affect the usability and function of your website.  For example if you rely on Google’s reCaptcha service (which protects your contact forms from spam submissions) then this will add a substantial performance hit to your website.  In this instance you’ll need to decide what is more important, the ability to block spam or taking a performance hit on the load time of your website.  In the ideal world your website can have a good balance of functionality and performance.

There’s too much to discuss on this topic really so I’ll try to launch a dedicated WordPress Optimisation Service page in the near future.

Useful resources to check your website performance


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