Spam Protection for your contact forms

May 30th, 2019

Contact Form Spam Protection via reCAPTCHA

I’ve always recommended using some form of spam protection on website contact forms but it’s now recommended, more than ever, to use Google’s free reCAPTCHA service.

This week alone I’ve had three separate clients contact me to say that they’ve been receiving a relentless amount of spam via their contact form. It may be that some spam bots are being more aggressive to repeatedly submit contact forms on the same website.

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Website: Dr Nathan Holt

April 10th, 2019

Dr Nathan Holt

Dr Nathan Holt has over 25 years experience as a medical laser specialist and needed a website to launch his new laser clinic in Cambridge.

We put a plan in place to create pages for each available treatment, to help explain and inform customers of the many procedures the clinic offers. Each specific treatment page then has a selection of detailed information pages to help educate the client on the treatment they require. The combination of treatments and supporting information lead to the creation of over 60 pages.

To help engage and inform potential clients, we’ve also added short one minute YouTube videos with Dr Nathan Holt himself giving an overview of the treatments and processes involved.

Visit the Cambridge Laser Clinic website

Website: Gali Indian Dining

March 7th, 2019

Gali Indian Dining

The new website for Gali the Indian restaurant is now live.

The owners of Gali wanted their website and hosting to be managed in one place, locally in Norwich. On moving the hosting, the website is secure (served over HTTPS), more responsive and their email and web hosting Iis supported locally if they have any issues.

The website was rebuilt from scratch, leaning on the positive elements from the old website but further improving the site from a visual, content and performance point of view. A new live restaurant booking service from Quandoo was also integrated as an alternative to Bookatable & ResDiary, from a features and pricing point of view.

Visit the Gali website

Website: Hall Farm

January 7th, 2019

Happy to announce I’ve just put the new website live for Hall Farm, a relaxing set of holiday cottages based in the heart of the Norfolk Broads.

This project required more planning than usual, taking into account the mass of content the old site contained, then working out what wasn’t needed going forward to help simplify and improve the website.

The WordPress website also needed further optimisation so it wasn’t dependent on such a varied selection of plugins, some of which were no longer supported and could affect future performance and security.

Visit the Hall Farm website

Website: Rose of India

December 15th, 2018

I recently setup the Rose of India with a new website. This website also includes a simple table booking functionality which is easy for the restaurant to administer and manage.

As a FREE service I offer two methods for restaurant bookings, either a simple method that submits bookings to an email address (easier for restaurants to manage day to day) or a dedicated restaurant booking manager which while more flexible may require an hour session to demonstrate how to manage it.

Visit the Rose of India website

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