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Tips & updates related to Web Design, Web Hosting and Emedias.

How to setup your email on Windows Mail

This post will help guide you through the installation of your email address onto the Windows Mail app. When you first load up Windows Mail it may prompt you to add an email account but if not follow the instructions below…

Yoast SEO plugin – XML File not found

One client recently had a problem using the Yoast SEO plugin returning an error, file not found. Investigating via google we found the answer directly via the website. You'll need to update the htaccess file and add the following code…

Automatically setup your email via CPANEL

In this post we'll show you, step by step, how you can use CPANEL to automatically configure your email application, hopefully making it both easier and less likely that an error will be made. Firstly we'll want you to login to…

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